SurryRescue1This lovely little lady was brought to the farm yesterday.  We also have six others who came too and they all need groceries.  All of them seem very kind, but it is going to take us some time to put weight on them.  This little mare is about 250 lbs. under weight.  The farm they came from still has several more horses and animal control is handling the issues.  We are just taking in the ones they allow us to have.  We are told that the farm owner became overwhelmed with the number of horses she was trying to help.  We don’t know the whole story, but we are glad to have them at the farm where we can make sure they are fed, vet checked, and sheltered.  I will be at the farm in the morning and I look forward to seeing our amazing volunteers.  These amazing volunteers worked so hard today to make sure we had cleaned out, freshly bedded stalls, fresh buckets of water, and yummy alfalfa hay.  Two of our local tack shops, Sesroh’s and Horse & Hound also made donations to us for the rescues.  Without everyone coming together, this would not be possible.  You are all amazing!