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Anna Schriebl is amazing and we are so grateful for her contribution:)
I hope you all will take a lesson with Anna. She is so calm and easy with the horse and rider. No matter what your discipline of choose, she can teach you something new. We cannot say enough wonderful things about her and hope you will visit their web page at the bottom of this post to learn more about her.


Subject: 2011 Diamond in The Rough horse Rescue Benefit Clinics

Date: Saturday, May 14, 2011, 9:02 AM

Good morning,

We’ve planned out the 2011 season for the Benefit Dressage Clinics for Diamonds in the Rough Rescue Horses. Hope you can join us & we thank you for your support!

Have you ever wanted to learn about dressage? Join us and learn in a relaxed atmosphere! Lessons are available to horses and riders of all levels, breeds and disciplines. Anna Schriebl, the instructor, trained in Germany for six years with a former instructor from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and competed in dressage and show jumping in Germany and America. She also earned her German Bronze Riding Medal.

Lessons are $35 (tax deductible) and ALL proceeds go towards the Merry Oaks/Diamonds in the Rough rescue horses’ vet bills. The clinics will be held at Merry Oaks Stable in Windsor. Please call 876-3272 for more information.

Clinics are on the following dates:

18 June
16 July
10 September
12 November



We have decided to make some changes to Neigh Day to make it more affordable. Tickets will be on sale for $10 dollars (13 years old and over). If you purchase 3 tickets, you get one free. BBQ dinners will be available for separate purchase ($7). There will also be concession booth open throughout the day. We are really looking forward to raising some awareness and money for our Diamonds. We cannot wait to see you there. Please contact Jennifer Homan (757-642-8840 or email at rescueahorse@hotmail.com) with any questions or concerns, or if you are a vendor and would like to have your own table. Look forward to hearing from you.

Tack / Yard Sale

Horse and Hound is having a tack / yard sale Saturday March 26. Proceeds benefit our Diamonds In The Rough and USERL. We look forward to seeing you there. Good bargains… come check it out.

Volunteer Orientation

Tomorrow, we welcome anyone who would like to volunteer with a horse rescue. We will begin at 2pm at Merry Oaks Farm. If you would like to join us and need directions, please email us at rescueahorse@hotmail.com.

Available Feb. 2011

  1. Phantom  and Callie (need to adopt together) – mares, upper teens, western, trail horses.  Phantom is a black & white paint, Callie is a tri color, and they are sisters.
  2. Tiny Tim – anglo arab gelding, born in 2007.  He can be shy and he is just under 15 hands due to malnutrition.  VERY SWEET:)  And a fantastic boy in the saddle.
  3. Marley – black and white paint saddlebred gelding (1994).  Needs groceries before we will ride him, but he is broken to ride and said to be amazing under saddle.
  4. Riddick – quarter horse (2002) and recently gelded in early January.  Very calm for being a stallion so long.  Also ridable.
  5. Minnie Mae – is a for sale mare pony ($800)
  6. Sassy – is a bay mare TWH (1985) and ridable
  7. Bella – is a black mare TWH (2003) and ridable

We are happy to report we have had a few recent adoptions;)

Doug and Betsy have adopted Butterbean (formerly known as Bute), Ellie, and Arabella.  All of them will still be at the farm, but now have very loving “parents”.  Doug and Betsy do and amazing job at caring for them.  Doug, Betsy and Bonney have become our resident horse pediatrist for helping to care for abscess.  They have done such an amazing job rehabing these horses with the feet issues.  Thank you:)

Chase and Austin have also been adopted by the Perry family.  They will also remain at the farm until they can gain some more weight.  We are hopeful and think they will be able to go to the Perry farm in April.  We would also like to Thank the Perry Family for their hay donation.

Diesel was also adopted out… I’m going to miss my “Denis the Menace”.  He is going to a gentleman that has several years of experience with horses and he fell in love with Diesel, who wouldn’t though?

Busy day on the farm

SurryRescue1This lovely little lady was brought to the farm yesterday.  We also have six others who came too and they all need groceries.  All of them seem very kind, but it is going to take us some time to put weight on them.  This little mare is about 250 lbs. under weight.  The farm they came from still has several more horses and animal control is handling the issues.  We are just taking in the ones they allow us to have.  We are told that the farm owner became overwhelmed with the number of horses she was trying to help.  We don’t know the whole story, but we are glad to have them at the farm where we can make sure they are fed, vet checked, and sheltered.  I will be at the farm in the morning and I look forward to seeing our amazing volunteers.  These amazing volunteers worked so hard today to make sure we had cleaned out, freshly bedded stalls, fresh buckets of water, and yummy alfalfa hay.  Two of our local tack shops, Sesroh’s and Horse & Hound also made donations to us for the rescues.  Without everyone coming together, this would not be possible.  You are all amazing!


If you have problems view, you may need a MSN id or Live id.  I can try to attach another link if the others do not work.  Thank you all so much for your patience with this process.  I do appreciate any feedback:)

Follow this link to see our green horses http://cid-b89bf5cb00bd1eee.skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?page=play&resid=B89BF5CB00BD1EEE!139

Please follow this link to see a few of our horses under saddle http://cid-b89bf5cb00bd1eee.skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?page=play&resid=B89BF5CB00BD1EEE!143

Please let us know if you are able to see the photos.