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Just wanted to pass along the schedule of events to you all. We have had some changes. There were some scheduling conflicts so some clinics will be unavailable but some others have been added. Programs will be handed out that will include the schedule and a map of the farm.

From 9am until Anna Schriebl is running Individual Dressage lessons and clinic. We encourage everyone to observe if they would like.
10 – 11 Kelly Creppel (Kelly Performance Horses)
“Whoa…Impoving your Horse’s Stop and Backing”
11 – 12 Cathleen Lombardi, DVM (The Oaks Equine and Farm Service)
“How to Feed a Hard to Keep Horse”
11 – 12 Kids Games in the Kids Arena
12 – 1 Rick Reuter – Barrel Racing
1 – 2 Sonja Reuter – Parade of Rescues
2 – 3 Chad Beachboard – Ferrier Clinic
2 – 3 Kids Games in the Kids Arena
3 – 4 Selwyn & Lori Curtis – Curtis Horsemanship
4 – 6 Cash for Gold
5 – 6 Mike Fowler (South Point Saddlery) – Saddle Fitting
6 – 9 Robie Claud – Live Music

50/50 Drawings will be held at Noon, 3PM, 6PM, and 9PM


Our day started early when we picked up Stormy and Speckles, two of our ponies. They joined us at the Farmers Market in Smithfield to raise awareness about Diamonds In The Rough. We were there for about 4 hours and met some fantastic people. We even raised a few dollars for the rescue. A lot of folks are coming to visit the farm and some even filled out volunteer applications on the spot. Our amazing volunteers worked very hard to put together photos, display boards, and hand outs for our visits. Cheryl, Anna, Laura, Mr. Wilson, Sam, Doug, Betsy, Brennan, and Ruger greeted visitors and gave out information about our Rescue. Stormy and Speckles enjoyed several photo opportunities with children and a few adults. Stormy even had his photo taken with Goliath, a black and white Great Dane. We had a great time and look forward to attending the Farmers Market again next Saturday.

WOW… We also unloaded 287 bales of hay. One of our trailers was loaded with 137 bales that needed to be put in the barn, so everyone pitched in to unload the flat-bed. Well after working really hard and down to the final 3 bales, we got a phone call that another 150 was on the way. Of course we were happy to get more hay, but running low on energy. The volunteers rallied for their second round and in short order we had the finally 150 bales unloaded and stored. It was amazing to see so many people come together to make this happen. We have so many to thank! First, we would like to thank all of our volunteers who worked SO HARD: Kit, Carol, Dani, Carolyn, Brennan, Mr. Wilson, and Sam. We would also like to thank Mr. Walker for deliver 150 bales to us and helping us unload the trailer.

New Rescues

Yesterday we rounded up three new residents. After about four and a half hours and lots of patients from all involved we finally rounded up the new rescues. We have a mare name Breezie, a gelding named Trey, and a 10 month old baby girl named August Rush. Although a little tough to catch, they all seem very nice. We think they were just a bit nervous. The Vet is at the farm as we speak checking them over. They look like they are in good shape… and we actually need them to lose a little weight, something we are not use to doing on the farm:) Hope to have some photos posted of them soon.

We are also baby sitting, for about two hours a fawn whose mother was hit by a car. Bear Path Acres will be taking the little one. I have attached a picture. Hope he or she is able to recover and live in the wild again.

We had quite a busy day at the farm yesturday. Both the farrier, Justin Putz, and our Vets, The Oaks Equine, came for a visit. We had lots having trims, some for check ups, and a few follow ups. After several hours you can imagine we have racked up quite a bill again. Please send in those donations or if you would like sponsor one of Diamonds In The Rough. If you would like to donate please contact us:) We greatly appriciate anything you can send or do to help:)


We want to send a special Thank You to Doug and Singy Williams. Sunday (5/22/11) they allowed us to purchase 137 bales of hay for $1 a bale. Thank you so much for helping our equines in need and for helping us to off set some of the expense. I also want to Thank all of the Volunteers who went to the Williams farm to load all of the hay. Brennan, Doug, Dani, Zac, Kit, we cannot do it with out you!

Hello Everyone,
We are ordering t-shirts for our volunteers and for us to sell at the Neigh Day event. Anyone who would like to volunteer or who would like to purchase a t-shirt, please contact me and let me know what size you would like. All of the shirts will have the same design, but the volunteer shirts will be Kelly Green. The other t-shirts will be Ice Grey, Azalea Pink, and Prairie Dust. They will be available for $15. We will also have some Neigh Day t-shirts for $18. Give me a call 757-642-8840, email me or Facebook me at Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue and let me know what size you would like.

Thank you all so much for your help and participation. We could not do it with

Anna Schriebl is amazing and we are so grateful for her contribution:)
I hope you all will take a lesson with Anna. She is so calm and easy with the horse and rider. No matter what your discipline of choose, she can teach you something new. We cannot say enough wonderful things about her and hope you will visit their web page at the bottom of this post to learn more about her.


Subject: 2011 Diamond in The Rough horse Rescue Benefit Clinics

Date: Saturday, May 14, 2011, 9:02 AM

Good morning,

We’ve planned out the 2011 season for the Benefit Dressage Clinics for Diamonds in the Rough Rescue Horses. Hope you can join us & we thank you for your support!

Have you ever wanted to learn about dressage? Join us and learn in a relaxed atmosphere! Lessons are available to horses and riders of all levels, breeds and disciplines. Anna Schriebl, the instructor, trained in Germany for six years with a former instructor from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and competed in dressage and show jumping in Germany and America. She also earned her German Bronze Riding Medal.

Lessons are $35 (tax deductible) and ALL proceeds go towards the Merry Oaks/Diamonds in the Rough rescue horses’ vet bills. The clinics will be held at Merry Oaks Stable in Windsor. Please call 876-3272 for more information.

Clinics are on the following dates:

18 June
16 July
10 September
12 November

We’ve made a few changes to the website to make it a little more user friendly. Let me know what you think. If there is anything else you think I could change that might make the page easier to navigate leave me a comment. Hope to hear from you soon:)

We have decided to make some changes to Neigh Day to make it more affordable. Tickets will be on sale for $10 dollars (13 years old and over). If you purchase 3 tickets, you get one free. BBQ dinners will be available for separate purchase ($7). There will also be concession booth open throughout the day. We are really looking forward to raising some awareness and money for our Diamonds. We cannot wait to see you there. Please contact Jennifer Homan (757-642-8840 or email at with any questions or concerns, or if you are a vendor and would like to have your own table. Look forward to hearing from you.

What is everyone up to on this beautiful weekend? The weather is amazing, maybe even a little chilly compared to those 87 degree days we’ve had. The horses are loving the cooler temperatures. So, let us know what you are your horse are doing this weekend:)