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He has come a long way:) He is a 9 year old, recently gelded quarter horse. He came to us about six months ago on a cold and rainy december night. His mane was so matted and falling out so we had to cut it. He has been so nice a sweet and very quiet, considering he was a stallion. He was gelded in January and recovered well. By February he had put on some weight, but still needed quiet a bit more. Now…. He looks amazing. He is such a sweet boy and he is looking great!!! Thanks to Carol for being such an amazing barn momma to him:)


General Lee


This is one of our handsome boys. He is a 10 year old morgan Tennessee cross. Still adding some weight on but getting better every day.

Available Feb. 2011

  1. Phantom  and Callie (need to adopt together) – mares, upper teens, western, trail horses.  Phantom is a black & white paint, Callie is a tri color, and they are sisters.
  2. Tiny Tim – anglo arab gelding, born in 2007.  He can be shy and he is just under 15 hands due to malnutrition.  VERY SWEET:)  And a fantastic boy in the saddle.
  3. Marley – black and white paint saddlebred gelding (1994).  Needs groceries before we will ride him, but he is broken to ride and said to be amazing under saddle.
  4. Riddick – quarter horse (2002) and recently gelded in early January.  Very calm for being a stallion so long.  Also ridable.
  5. Minnie Mae – is a for sale mare pony ($800)
  6. Sassy – is a bay mare TWH (1985) and ridable
  7. Bella – is a black mare TWH (2003) and ridable

Under Saddle

Please follow this link to see a few of our horses under saddle!143

Please let us know if you are able to see the photos.